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You can acces my Nine Step Guide to Relevance and Hearsay Thomson Reuters Westlaw on their LawSchool.Westlaw site, where you will find a link to a reworking of An Overview of Relevance and Hearsay: A Nine Step Analytical Guide, 22 Sw. U.L. Rev. 1039 (1993), in electronic format. It is also now available as a video CALI Lesson. To connect to that click here. You must log in as a student or faculty member of a CALI school to run this lesson.

Several of my articles can be viewed/downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format on my publications page. Below are four books that can be purchased online.


Norman M. Garland, Criminal Evidence
(7th ed. McGraw-Hill 2014)

This title is available for purchase

Norman M. Garland, Criminal Law for
the Law Enforcement Professional
(4th ed. McGraw-Hill 2018)

This title is available for purchase

Edward Imwinkelried & Norman Garland,
Exculpatory Evidence (4th ed. Lexis-Nexis 2017).
This title is available for purchase

Mark E. Cammack & Norman M. Garland,
Advanced Criminal Procedure in A Nutshell (3d ed. West 2016)
This title is available for purchase

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